• RudeBeer Dr Brew RudeBeer
  • Ice Breather The Ice Dragon
  • Never Never Ever
  • Always Always
  • Dr Brew RudeBeer

    Our Main Product that has been circulating around the vape grid where the sweetness is absolutely on par with its chill cold astonishing affect. Its like hell freezes over.

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  • The Ice Dragon

    You'd wish you were born an Ice Dragon breathing Ice through out the year. But it's never wrong to imagine.

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  • Never Ever

    But it is always wrong to exhale unattended mouth from wash and brush. Don't even think about it. EVER! Feel free to shake Dr Brew products responsibly before vaping and always brush your teeth.

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  • Always

    Vape is not a substitute for dental healthcare but always a great alternative for tobacco smoking.

Our Services & Special Fields

Research and Development

Research and Development

We never Stop researching and developing services and flavours just for you.
Our Identity

Our Identity

Our Identity is our pride thanks to all the support we have obtained throughout the years.
Our Products

Our Products

New products are in line for launching, be amazed.


Get your first class services and hang out with the rest of us.

The Process

The Brew

The brew of Dr Brew. We provide services in our upcoming soft launch Official Dr Brew Outlet and HQ where hang out is a must and business is more than welcome. Where our hand picked staff will assist absolute minds that are unaware of greater potential or subconsciously molded with the old reckon ideology of naturally being born indecisive, our staff will make the decision(s) for you. Of course; with your consent.

Within a year
our brand popularity has risen.

And now we plan to rise together. Follow the journey.

Kyle Reese
Human Resistance

Event Updates

Launch Branding Company

Dr Brew Outlet is Official

The time has come for Dr Brew to put a foothold and present to you our own Outlet. 

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Rudebeer DrBrew Outlet

Rudebeer 60ml

Now available at many outlets and available soon at our brand new Dr Brew Outlet

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Marketing Advertising

Direct Order Online

Soon we will provide online purchasing options.

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